Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The crazys are out and growing

The woman who married former House Speaker Newt Gingrich after cheating with him while he was married to his second wife says that former CIA Director David Petraeus' extramarital affair is "sad" and "painful" for his family. Callista Gingrich had a 6 year affair with Gingrich so she she know who caused the pain.

While that old fraud David Gergen whaled how hard this was for Petrasus and his lady lover, stated he knew them both well and that they were both really upset over this! not a word about the Generals 60 something wife! Mutter allowed how could they have found time for this affair. UNDER HIS DESK, DAVID. She told us in one of her emails.

I saw another person stated no wonder he roamed, look at his wife, she is ugly. 60 some years  with the Generals road map on your face and you would be ugly too.

Then there is the fool in Arizona who ran over her husband with her car because Obama won  and the husband didn't vote. someone should explain to these fools if your state was carried by Romany your state vote was for Romany no matter who won the election so husband's  vote didn't make any change in the vote.

Last but not least the father of Petraesus's  mistress ...SAYS THERE IS A LOT MORE TO COME OUT AND HE DEFINED HIS DAUGHTER.
I am on my way to heart doctor this morning, I hope the wheels stay on the truck.

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