Thursday, November 15, 2012

today's story

Helen has 2 more days in Washington and then she is GONE! I think this will be the last time she goes there. It is chilly here this morning. 29 degrees at 7:45. I need to go feed, Sammy sleeps to late to be a farmer. The repub's are still trying to decide if they lost the election or not. Our president is fairly strudding ever times he comes on TV. That is a real chicken in the photo. They have tried breeding a chicken with out feathers but it wasn't worth the effort me thinks. The CIA sex story is growing larger every day. Pat Robertson said he understood what happen, she was a good looking woman and the General was a man after all. code for it's OK for men to screw around 'cause it in their dna. nothing will change until that train of thought is changed.

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