Friday, December 21, 2012

Barney Frank

Barney Franks, what can you say about Barney ... He has been in congress for , I think 8 terms,..... He is UGLY , Take it from someone who knows having faced UGLY in the mirror for 74 years... BARNEY IS UGLY... He is a an open homosexual.. having been forced to come out by Newt " the toot" Gingrich the Reno of congress  and Larry Craig, the foot patter in the men's room. He is a Jew and now it seems the Governor  of Massachusetts might appoint him to the senate to take John Kerry's place.
I just love this photo of him in purple . He has enough pan cake make up to cover part of the ugly but not all. With a neckless on his chest that has a dollar sign on it..what is he thinking??
Oh, I forgot ,Barney is a liberal Democrat.
that is enough to sink a boat....
 ........ JEW....
  ........UGLY ..
............Liberal Democrat


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