Saturday, December 08, 2012

Hanna a laugh a minute

looks like the kids got tired and just bunched the stuff on in one bunch notice the red rope all in a bunch.
no icing , only a granddaughter would love this. I talked to fleta she said the grand kids decorated the tree by their selves, Fleta let them do what ever they wanted. I bet they think Fleta would never get any thing done if not for them to help the old folks. she said when they arrived home Hanna went in looked all around and said you hide all the gifts, Fleta said there are no gifts but Hanna knew there were gifts just hide away. I never get tired of Hannah stories. She makes me laugh even if the stories have to come by way of Fleta. Hannah wanted gifts and a princess doll cake, she got both.I HAD TOLD FLETA WHAT TO BUY FOR A EASY CAKE BUT SHE DIDN'T BECAUSE SHE THOUGH HANNAH WOULD FORGET,HA !I knew she wouldn't for get and she didn't, Fleta had to make the cake from scratch because she didn't listen to me.


Sister--Three said... you have a tree? I don't No one came to put one up for me like little Hannah did for Flet.

The 4th Sister said...

I have a tree..but I'm sure it does not compair to Winnnie Jo's.