Sunday, December 23, 2012


I saw this story on the net and found it very disturbing , what do you think about this? There is dental assistant who is employed. She had worked at this place for 10 years. The boss's wife became jealous after finding some emails from boss to employee and the wife insisted the lady be fired. The worker sued saying she was wrongful fired. The boss said he fired her for her looks keeping him  in arousal and he had to fire her to save his marriage because he knew he would finally give in to his lust and try to start a affair with the good looker. The supreme court in their state found in favor of the boss and said it was plain he was trying to save his marriage and had not fired her wrongful.
What do you think, should a employer be allowed to fire a person because they are too good looking ? how about too ugly?
I think the lady should take her suit higher in the court system, don't you? click on the title to read the whole story.

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