Sunday, December 02, 2012

I have been thinking....

I SAW ON MAIL ON LINE THAT IT IS REPORTED THAT Ann Romney SETS AND CRYS  ALL THE TIME SINCE MITT LOST. I ASK FLETA ABOUT THIS HER THOUGHTS WERE THAT ANN NEVER DID ANY THING, NO WORK, NO CHILD CARE no sex SINCE MITT DOESN'T BELIEVE IN BIRTH CONTROL AND THEY CERTAINLY DON'T WANT MORE CHILDREN IN THEIR OLD AGE. I got to thinking about Ann and her life. some women get involved in their church , I think, some find interest out side the home and husband but what about Ann? The told us during the campaign that the Romney's were a loving couple, now you know the repubs told us lies so I guess they are not a loving couple besides he has spent years traveling around the country making money. 250 million! I think Ann spent most of her time alone, and while he was running for president she was going around the country making speeches and a crowd was following her around tending to her clothing, make up and hair. Ann probably had not had so much fun in years and Mitt by necessity   had to be some where else and couldn't be criticizing her all the time. Then she thought they would go to the white house and her days would be full of all sorts of people ready to do her command. No wonder she is crying. she is alone except for a bitchy man who is searching for reasons he lost the election and she knows that he will get around to her and decide it was a
ll her fault he lost soon.

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The 4th Sister said...

Her friends all want her to reestablish her interests in her horses