Sunday, December 30, 2012

Remember back in the election cycle when all the repub's were saying rape was OK if woman got PG and the other fellow said if she got PG it couldn't be rape ? now there has arose this fellow ....
An Italian priest has provoked outrage after claiming that women are to blame for domestic violence by wearing tight clothing in his Christmas bulletin - and pinning the notice to the door his church.
Father Piero Corsi also attacked women for not cleaning their houses and serving fast food, and called on women to engage in 'healthy self criticism' over femicide - men murdering women.
In an astonishing message, he attacked pornography but said women shared the blame for 'provoking the worst instincts which then turn into violence and sexual abuse'.
Father Corsi's letter, pinned to the door of the church in the northern village of San Terenzo di Lerici, said: 'Let's ask ourselves. Is it possible that men have all gone mad at one stroke? We don't think so so if a man kills his wife its her fault , this make the claim, SHE MADE ME DO IT TAKE ON KNEW MEANING!
As long as we are taking a look at men how about the repubs who wont try to avoid the cliff on taxes but are whizzing around DC driving drunk and John Boehner who isn't crying in his beer these evening.after all he isn't going to lose his unemployment check if we go over the cliff.

In the midst of a grueling, final-hour push by Congress to rescue the economy from the looming fiscal cliff, House Speaker John Boehner sought brief reprieve with an evening of margaritas and Mexican fare in Arlington, a source told Mail Online.
Dressed in a festive, bright red sweater, a cheery Boehner arrived through a side door at Guapo's in Shirlington around 7:15 p.m. Friday - about three hours after he left stone-faced from a meeting at the White House with other congressional leaders and President Obama - according to a diner who happened to arrive at the restaurant around the same time.
Accompanying Boehner to his table Friday were about six men - all security detail - who stood behind him for about 30 seconds and then sat down at a table nearby, said the diner, who works in government and said she wished to remain anonymous.

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