Saturday, December 29, 2012


We have a snow cover this morning , just barely but it is there. I am free of going any where until  January 2 when I have to venture out to do some business at the bank.
Sammy rushed out feed the calves and chickens and rushed back in saying it's cold out there. I am taking his word for it, I am not going out.
I have been surfing the net and reading the news.

The world get a little more crazy every day as a case in point consider CNN's Piers Morgan, a native of
Britain  and who is in our country as a guest under our immigration laws, Piers has been calling for stricter  gun laws and  some of our people here  by birth have been trying to get a petition  to kick him off our land. and out of our country . That right people, some want to take away his free speech  right because he dare  criticize our right to bare arms.

Gun advocates are not the only ones speaking out about Piers Morgan. There's now a counter-petition to keep the CNN host in the United States that reads, "No one in the UK wants him back."
The counter-petition was started on the White House website on Tuesday, and had 126 signatures as of Wednesday morning. It cites three reasons that Morgan should stay in the country.
"Firstly, the first amendment," it begins. "Second and the more important point. No one in the UK wants him back. Actually there is a third. It will be hilarious to see how loads of angry Americans react."

Now consider the news caster Dick Gregory ,NBC reporter showed a empty gun magazine while talking about gun laws, You see the show meet the press was broadcaster from DC and the law there say it is unlawful to own a gun that load with a magazine and goes further and makes it unlawful to own the magazine it self. There people who want Dick Gregory prosecuted for have the magazine in his hand in the great land of DC.

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Linda@VS said...

You're right, the world has gone crazy. Let's you and I start a petition to add Prozac to the nation's water supply. Maybe that would settle everybody down a little.

By the way, I posted a song today that's dedicated to you, Fleta, Betty, and Helen. Check it out.