Wednesday, January 16, 2013

explaing the news to Helen

Helen has been had by the conspiracies theorist , there is a bunch of people saying either the sandy hooks school shooting was a hoax or it was perpetrate by the government. .
These guys are hounding the old man who said he found 6 kids in his yard, saying he is lying and is part of the government hoax.

I guess Helen must have seen one of the post and thought it was true.
Now as for the Lance Armstrong story, This bicycle fellow has made million in advertisement fees and now his name isn't worth 5 cents because he was using dope all the time he was winning those races. Why he is going on Oprah and speak out ?, I suppose he is going to try to put his story in a better light and try to make some more money.
It is cold here but no snow.
I guess that is all the news I can explain to Helen untill she posts again.


The 4th Sister said...

Oh Pat, I know what they are saying but we all know that is stupid so I did not comment on that...I am just saying the old man is a nut! He was talking yesterday and pulling at his hair....And I have heard "My grand childern taught me how to talk to kids".I may scream!.looks like he might have learned this about 50 years ago...And yes I know what is spectulated about why lance told... but I do not think that is going to help him with promotions...he must have another motive. all I know is it is about money somehow.

Winnie Sneed said...

We are so happy here in Kansas City that his LiveStrong name has been removed from the new Soccer Stadium....He is just a total embarrassment....I think he should be sent to jail for all the lying and use of the endorsement money...he is a real A..!!!!