Saturday, January 19, 2013

Mary Elizabeth Mahnkey

THE PROFITEER "And here I'll plant some hollyhocks For they will come again.

They don't need much attention And very little rain." I'm glad she sowed the hollyhocks For now they bloom for me. All up and down and 'round about, A rippling, rosy sea--

The hollyhocks my granny sowed In Eighteen Ninety-three. And what may I be sowing That they will pause to say:

"How lovely are the blossoms We find along our way." TO A MELANCHOLY LADY Raise some guineas Raise some gourds

Make a little gesture towards A richer life in service passed To leave some imprint at the last If not

great deeds Or golden words Then raise some guineas Raise some gourds.

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Sister--Three said...

I love this poem and thank it is such good advice. I hope Fleta can cure the computer and if not...get another. It is your umbilical cord to the world and ours to you. We want to stay tuned to you.
Ode To Patsy
Pretty Penny
She left her mark
With what she thought
Oft causing a sting
Straight to my heart
Searing deep within
And I read again!