Thursday, January 03, 2013

red haired stranger

Tomorrow marks a big day in my  life in 1948 until that day I  had been the only girl child in our family on that day mama gave birth to a red haired stranger.We named her Fleta and I went around telling everyone, now I have a sister to play with.
I didn't realize that by the time she was old enough to play I would be to old to play.Little did I know she was just the first of a streak of girls none of which would be my play mates but they played together and squalling for me to hold them , yes they did.
By the time Fleta was 6 months old I couldn't leave the room with out her crying. I thought this was great for a while and then realized that this squalling kid curt tailed my freedom.
The summer when she was one and a half I had started reading every thing I could find to read. One day I carried her and my book out the road  and put her down to play or eat dirt it was her choice to make while I read my book when I next noticed the red head she was eating toad stools. I didn't know if they were poison or not but decided I would wait to see if she got sick before telling daddy . She didn't get sick so I decided on harm was done so why tell daddy and get him all upset.
Fleta wasn't any think like me, I run to fat and she is skinny. I don't know why but she has always acted like eating was a chore while I love to eat actual Fleta is the only person in our family that doesn't run to fat.
Fleta has a very sharp tongue while I am very sweet person.
Happy birthday tomorrow ,Fleta.
We have a sun shining day here.


Sister--Three said...

Hope she has a great 65th birthday. I hate it that I 'run to fat' too!

Donna said...

"Fleta has a very sharp tongue while I am a very sweet person."
I'm going to have to ponder that statement for a day or two.