Monday, February 11, 2013


What do you think about this?
There is a  bourbon  sold under the name of makers mark. This stuff is such a good product it flies off  the shelves so the company has decided to make the product less good so they can keep on the shelves?

The company that distills Maker’s Mark is reducing the alcohol content of the famous bourbon in an effort to keep up with growing global appetite for the product, Quartz reports.
The move comes in response to concerns the company won't be able to meet rampant demand for Maker's Mark since it's "very low on supply,” Rob Samuels, COO of Beam Inc. (which also makes the less-expensive Jim Beam bourbon), wrote in an email to consumers. The spirit will now have an alcohol-by-volume content of 42 percent, instead of 45 percent..
OK, what if I made biscuits that are not as good as I make now do you think I would have biscuits left on the plate??
I think this company has lost their collective mind, don't you?


Donna said...

My husband has a bottle of Maker's Mark in the cabinet right now. Our son-in-law got it for him to show his appreciation for the fact that Cliff helped him get his job (he just got a $2 an hour raise). We certainly don't have the kind of budget to buy the stuff! Years ago we toured the distillery. It was quite interesting.

Donna said...

I did not want to be too specific answering your comment on my blog, but here's the deal: We get $100 a month for each horse, and they cost us nothing and we don't have to do a thing for them. Adam comes out and feeds them twice a day in winter. The four horses will bring in enough money that I could go out and buy four cows every year if I wanted to. We break even on Bonnie when she is the only cow on the place, but I doubt if we make money at all on the others. I just happen to like cows. I am hopeful that I can at least keep Bonnie and one other cow. One thing about it, if there's a drought, the money we get for pasturing the horses will buy us a lot of hay for whatever cows I keep.