Wednesday, February 27, 2013

camera stealing caught by other camera

February 27, 2013

Man Caught on Security Camera Taking Another Security Camera

Berryville Police report the arrest of a man for theft. On Wednesday morning, February 20th, police were called to Kimes in Berryville. When they arrived, they were shown a location under an eave, on the front of the building, where a security camera should be. It had been taken sometime overnight according to the owner, and this wasn't the first time.
The alleged thief didn't realize another security camera on the building, at 3:45am the previous morning, showed a white male with a dark jacket, ball cap, blue jeans and black tennis shoes standing on a cement wall disconnecting the security camera.
Later that day, another Berryville Police officer, Kevin Disheroon, saw a man wearing the exact same clothing, matching the description of the suspect they were looking for. Earl Jenkins of Berryville was taken into custody.

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Sister--Three said...

Maybe he was planning on returning and breaking in ?