Sunday, February 17, 2013

great thinkers

I was talking to Clayton on the phone and as usual when great minds meet good ideas come to be considered.
Clayton said he was going to Nelson funeral home and set up a cremation funeral for his self. i said that was a good idea cause I supposed it would fall on Fleta to take care of it other wise.
He wanted to know if nelson would take care of the ashes? I told him we could have Tony pick up mine and his and leave Tony a receipt for making lye from ashes then Fleta could take the Lye and some pig fat and make soap. Se wee!


Donna said...

I told Cliff and the kids I didn't care what they do with my ashes. I won't know the difference anyway. If they want ideas, they could scatter the ashes back in the pasture where Cliff and I walk every day, even if somebody else has bought the place. Surely they wouldn't mind if somebody wanted to walk back there because they were raised here. Cliff says he is going to set me on the headboard of the bed and on Saturday night he will turn me toward the wall so I can't see what he's doing.

Sister--Three said...

They say most folks who own funeral homes tell their kids to cremate them. I want a head stone in the Alpena Cemetery for you guys whether you are there or not...just a remembrance.

The 4th Sister said...

Betty there is a space next to Mama...I have steaked that out for him...he was always close to mama..and I want the space next to Debby...Fleta and George want the space right behind Mom and Dad