Sunday, February 03, 2013

polish chicks

I had 5 polish hen and two polish roosters. This friend of Sammy's wanted the pullets and a rooster , Sammy sold them to him for 10 each that was 60 dollars for the 6. The other hens have been laying a long time but only one polish hen was laying. They laid a white egg and the only one that did so it was easy to tell they weren't laying. Helen called and they had a big birthday party. Grey was there. Helen was trying to get him to tell what a bad cook Fleta was he said Helen I am not going to criticize my mama's cooking 'cause I need to keep that door open in case I need a place to go someday.


Sister--Three said...

that Greg is a pretty smart feller.

Sister--Three said...

Patsy, I think that Bryan King might be the son of Gerald King. Gerald's mother was Mabel Carpenter, her father Riley...his James. James was a brother to Martha Jane Carpenter that married William Solan Gaddy. So if this is the same Bryan, he is our cousin. I was thinking Linda King was kin to me from one of the sons of the second wife of w. W. Carpenter, but she comes out of James and he is the full brother of Martha Jane Gaddy.

I remember when we were in school that Momma said she and I were kin to each other.