Sunday, March 24, 2013

big surprise , where are you?

I read where this homeless man found a ring in his beggars cup and returned it to the woman who had dropped in in his cup with some loose change when she came back by him 3 days later.
They were so grateful they set up a web site for people to donate money to him.
So far he has received 186 thousand dollars and his sister has contacted him , said she had no idea where he was until she read about him in the paper or perhaps that should read until she read about the 186 thousand.
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A homeless Kansas City man will soon have well over $100,000 after returning an engagement ring to a woman who accidentally dropped it in his cup earlier this month.
"I think in our world we often jump to like the worst conclusion, and it just makes you realize that there are good people out there," said Sarah Darling, whose fianc� set up a website seeking donations for Billy Ray Harris, the man who found the ring. By Monday, more than 6,000 people had donated more than $145,000 to the fund.
Something even more valuable happened: Harris is back in touch with his family, from whom he was estranged for the last 16 years.
Amid the media storm around the engagement ring episode, Robin Harris, Billy Ray’s younger sister, happened to come across an article about her brother, and reached out to the local news station that first reported the story for help tracking him down.
“When I turned my head, I recognized the name, and I turned back around and I looked at the picture again, and it was my brother,” Robin told “I called and I said, ‘that’s my brother. I’ve been looking for him for 16 years.’


Sister--Three said...

She may be looking for a cut of the cash. Oh, I am always a pessimist, aren't I?

Winnie Sneed said...

The story has really been a big deal here in town...such a humble man doing the thing we all believe we would do. I want you to know I really am working on completely letting go...we have really processed this as a family and I know that most of my family will never be in contact again and my one happiness is that my parents and his brother are not here to walk this sad and shameful walk,
.i'm really praying for you and Tony...