Friday, March 29, 2013


calves are ready for breakfast.


The 4th Sister said...

Patty...only yesterday did I see your emil you sent a week ago saying you were about as low as you can go. I can not even imagine Pat. It it so much worse for your kid to have cancer than having it you have said we are ready to die. I hope I never ever live to see my kids or grand kids with a serious illness... I know I do not feel as bad as you do over this Pat but I will tell you pat it is not easy. Tony has always been my favorite. With my cancer I have had so many people say, "Do you ever ask why me or this is not fair....'I never once had that thought about me but I have thought that about Tony. It is so hard to even try to wrap my mind around. I am so sorry, Sister and I sure do love you.

Winnie Sneed said... and Tony continue in my daily prayers. You certainly helped me over the last weeks get my self pity under control...I love you so much and I hope you can feel my {{{hugs}}}. I can not even imagine your walk...but you and I both know the only answer is to lean on God through this life journey. I know you are Tony's rock and you can teach him to lean on prayer for strength and security.
Again...I so love you Cuz!!!!

Sister--Three said...

The calves would make a good steak. lol Hope we have a warm weekend.

Donna said...

Those babies are slick and well-fed. Like Winnie, I pray for you every morning.