Wednesday, March 20, 2013

cousins no less

She is rarely seen in public with her billionaire father, but despite being brought up out of the spotlight, her famous surname means that Tiffany Trump is still treated to a life of private jets, fancy schools and even fancier vacations.
Although Tiffany, 19, was brought up thousands of miles away from her father and raised by her mother Marla Maples – she shows the tycoon's steely ambition as the aspiring pop star has already released a single.
Tiffany was just five when her mother moved her to California in 1998 after her marriage to Donald, 66, broke down.
IN the maples book Marla Maples is listed as grandma Powell's 3rd cousin.She is calling her self Maria these days but when she married Trump her name was Marla Maples.


Sister--Three said...

I would rather be cousins with Marla as compared to her husband.

The 4th Sister said...

Patsy I hope the weather gets warm again soon ....Spring is just around the corner