Sunday, April 07, 2013

john anderson


Sister--Three said...

I listened all the way through and William Powell came my mind--father of Osceola.
Osceola was named Billy Powell at birth in 1804 in the Creek village of Talisi, now known as Tallassee, Alabama, around current Elmore County. "The people in the town of Tallassee...were mixed-blood Native American/English/Irish/Scottish, and some were black. Billy was all of these."[2] His mother Polly Coppinger was the daughter of Ann McQueen, whose mother was mixed-race Creek and whose father James McQueen was Scots-Irish. Ann was likely the sister or aunt of Peter McQueen, a prominent Creek leader and warrior.
Many sources, including the Seminole, say that Osceola's father was William Powell, an English trader.

Linda@VS said...

Great song, Patsy! And Betty, I loved reading that little bit of history in your comment. Going right now to download the song.