Friday, April 12, 2013

boom, boom!

-About a hour ago I was standing at the kitchen waiting for my 3 pieces of bacon to fry looking out the window I saw my neighbor who got into a shouting match with Sam yesterday  pointing a pistol at another neighbor from down the road.
The man had a chain on his dog so I suppose they were into over his dog. Any way the woman who I have told Sammy more than once, stay away from her she is crazy, had a pistol in her hand pointing at the fellow and shouting as she waved the gun around scared me and the man with the dog. He picked up his dog and ran and I didn't stick my head out of the house.
a few minutes later I hear 5 shoots from over the fence some where. I think she was shooting at the dogs that were left. I didn't go see.


Sister--Three said...

Sammy better stay clear of her!

Erin said...

Just tell Sammy to get a bigger gun. I wouldn't back down, just be a better shot.... I know a guy.

Betty said...

That's scary. And, it's just going to get worse, unfortunately.

Donna said...

You are smart to not stick your head out! That's a crazy person.