Thursday, April 04, 2013

Tony daughters wedding photos

some photos from Tony's daughters wedding.
 saw Virgil Miles has died , we started the first grade together  at Denver Arkansas.
khozradio - Omaha Residents Seriously Injured in Accident Near Hollister Missouri. By: Michael Greeley Posted: Wednesday, April 03, 2013. UPDATE: 5 p.m.. Missouri Highway patrol identified the driver as 74-year old Virgil Miles. His passenger is 46-year old Lisa ...

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Sister--Three said...

I was in Mickey's class. I saw Mickey was already dead. Wonder what happened to him. Fleta probably told me. I had to sit by Mickey Miles in most of my elementary grades. I can recall those things about him I did not like, but since he is dead I will keep them to myself!

I did not realize until Fleta posted the obit thay Virgil was your age.