Tuesday, May 28, 2013


The garden is growing now that I put some water on it.
how to render lard
buy a pig, feed him all he will eat for 8 months, alter that he will weigh 300 pounds, send him to butcher shop have meat cut up and packaged. Have the fat ground and when the fat arrives place it in a large pan over very low heat and cook for several hours after this pour liquid through strainer and put in containers for storage..
In the late 50's and 60's we were told that lard was not as healthy as vegetable oil and were told to not eat food cooked in pork fat. now the opinion is swinging back the other way and we are being told to use lard.
A lesson .... in the old testament of the Bible the Israelites were given several feast days during the year. During the feast days there would be the killing of animals and these were then roasted on a alter . In the feast of Passover each family brought a lamb to the Temple , They killed the animal and  then roasted the lamb . They family ate the roasted meat but God told them not to eat the fat because that belong to God. no doubt the reason for this was that the fat was harmful to man.
There were animals , I think usual sheep that were killed and offer on the alter everyday. these meats were food for the priest and they were told to let the fat burn as a burnt offering to God. I believe the laws of diet given to the Israelites by God was because certain food were harmful to mankind.
We might do well to study these dietary laws and try to put them to use at out kitchen table.


The 4th Sister said...

And yet we are still rendering and eating lard..

Sister--Three said...

Now they say lard is better than many other fats. Everything swings around. I know the brain needs fat.

I think you are right about the dietary laws. Remember they were not to eat blood.