Thursday, May 02, 2013

news that would make a grasshopper scrach her head

Cross my heart and hope to live I read this on the drudge report ...
Man got a letter from social security stating that this woman who happened to be this fellows mother what received an over payment of 895 dollars  and they wanted their money back.
This fellow thought it was a joke at first and then he found it was no joke when he wrote a letter saying he didn't owe the money and should not have to pay.

The next letter he receive fro SS stated they had ways to get their money and promptly took his tax return.
Course the fellow screamed like a scaled dog and now it seems the SS number attached to the letter was his fathers SS number.. Man was a JR and it was his mother who owed the money. mom was dead.

Turns out it's legal to have a weapon of mass conception at the airport.
Jonah Falcon was stopped and frisked by the TSA at the San Francisco International Airport on July 9 because of a bulging package hidden in his pants. But the 41-year-old New Yorker wasn't packing a dirty bomb, drugs or a Costco-sized tube of toothpaste. The New Yorker has the world's largest recorded penis.!

Here is a Job for my brother-in-law and his granddaughters..

Huge jigsaw puzzle meant for queen shatters

It was a masterpiece fit for a queen. Dave Evans had spent more than 200 hours and several weeks crafting a 40,000-piece jigsaw of images from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  His impressive work of art was due to be displayed at Her Majesty's Sandringham Estate, but, in a matter of seconds, his creation was demolished. ITV’s Ben Chapman reports. 

Then there is this mother who we wish someone in our family might here about and copy....
Brenda Heist, now aged 54 and suffering from health difficulties, believed there was a warrant for her arrest in another district of the state when she approached the Florida police.
After crosschecking her details with authorities in Pennsylvania, it became clear that the person in question was indeed Ms Heist, mother of two, who had been missing since 2002.
She was last seen in the suburban town of Lititz, Pennsylvania dropping off her children at school when she suddenly disappeared apparently without explanation.
Stressed from her divorce and facing new financial difficulties, she apparently underwent some kind of mental breakdown and befriended a group of homeless people in her local park. According to Detective Sergeant John Schofield of Lititz borough police, after speaking to them for several hours she then decided on a whim to join them on a hitchhiking excursion down to Florida.Throughout the ordeal which lasted over a decade, even Brenda Heist's husband was under suspicion of doing her harm. seems she went for a walk and never turned around.


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