Friday, May 10, 2013


My tomato plans setting in a bowl in kitchen , that tall plan in the yellow bowl is a mint plant. smells great.
It rained all night every tine I awoke I think I will never get to plant the tomatoes.
some dos and don't with tomatoes..

Watering  from above is out. This can cause soil to splash up on the stems, making them more prone to disease.

Mulch, especially if you are watering from above. This helps prevent that soil splash just mentioned, as well as holds the moisture your tomatoes may need.

Put in the stakes you are going to use for support at the same time you plant. You don’t want to go back later and start damaging those roots you both worked so hard for.

Know what type of tomato you are growing. ‘determinate’ type will ripen all at once and  it will suddenly stop producing.

 Are you feeling over run with tomatoes? Are you concerned about fruit flies in your kitchen? Simply wash some of those tomatoes off and toss them in the freezer. When you have time, thaw to use. A bonus: the skins will slip right off after defrosting.

Over fertilize. is a no no , it burns your plants. It’s fine to give your plants some good healthy compost, but take it easy on the fertilizer.

Give them a bit of Epsom salts. They love that stuff. If they don’t need it, it won’t hurt. It is good to have it as a preventative measure to help grow healthier plants.

Plant your transplants very deep. ‘Up to their necks’ is what the farmers say. This way they will grow a great root system, as mentioned above. The better the roots, the more productive the plants will then be.

Purchase seedlings that are blooming is out because they wont grow as fast as the small plants . You may think you are getting ahead of the growing season but no, you will be behind the 8 ball.

If you started your own plants and they are budding, pinch those flowers off. Really, you’ll get more fruit in the long run.


The 4th Sister said...

Pat I know you stole that off the computer and did not do half that stuff but you did have great tomatoes

Sister--Three said...

I enjoyed the tips. We use some of them.