Friday, June 14, 2013

did I take my pills this morning.

Helen put in my comments ,
Blogger The 4th Sister said...
this sounds stupid she was talking about what I said about closing your right fist when you do something so you will remember you took the pill.
Helen has not reached the place where her memory is as bad as mine. I have a problem with my memory and the fist closing works for me.


Sister--Three said...

When I had to take the Coumadin (blood thinner), I had to write it down that I took it and the time. Kept that on frig and guess what Sister...sometimes I still forgot! or was not sure. Also, Astrid put an alarm on my phone to remind me to take it. I would have to shut off the alarm. She set it for later than I was supposed to take it. You and I are surely sisters! If you take that stuff twice, you could die in the night. Now I take nothing but over the counter stuff like baby aspirin!

The 4th Sister said...

for the past 7 years I have taken lots of pills..I too forget a lot. I have a very large pill container with the days on the hightest pill taking in my life I had 4 that I used every day..Now it is 1 and that even includes my vitimans but it is a big one and I use the AM and PM sides both filled and take them all in the AM only 1 pill I have to take twice a day and when I am confused I count the remaining pills..I mark on the bottle the day I started taking them..sometimes I look at the pill container maybe 3 or 4 times a day to see if I have taken maybe Pat my memory is worse than yours...but unless I wrote the day when I took them on my hand opening my hand would never work for me.
btw willford Peden sandy peden's oldest bro died suddenly yesterday