Monday, June 24, 2013


Betty has a snake problem, now she has two dogs that kill snakes if either should need a home I will provide one.
I hate snakes. all snakes red and yellow black and any other color. the only good snake is a dead snake.
Daddy kill a snake at aunt Frances in her house once 6 feet long.. I would have moved.
A fellow working at Tyson got a all from his wife seems a snake got into the house and crawled into their new sofa. He went right home  they lived right in town. When he arrived home she had the couch in the yard and had set fire to it. If it had been me I would have burnt the house.;


Sister--Three said...

That snake looks just like the one Cora killed on the porch. You might not like a Feist...they love to kill chickens. We have to break them with the shock collar usually.

Winnie Sneed said...

I HATE SNAKES!!!!! ANY KIND!!!! I TELL THE OWNER OF THE CAMP GROUND.....he gets the job done for me...Mom use to kill them with a rock, she was always found of telling the story of the time she and her sisters crawled over a fence row, looked down and there was a blue racer...she picked up a rock and hit it in the head...she always said it was a miracle they all survived as kids.....but they learned so much that served them well...maybe it was that story told so many times that left me HATING SNAKES!!!

Sister--Three said...

I can not even imagine those who want them for a pet!