Friday, July 05, 2013


Rough crossing: John Kerry is seen boarding a boat in Nantucket Sound on July 4
John Kerry's spokesman has admitted that the Secretary of State did go sailing off Nantucket as the Egyptian President was ousted from power. The denials were made on July 4 as residents of the island off Nantucket took to Twitter to post pictures and say where they had spotted Mr Kerry, who was said to be working hard on the Middle East crisis.


Sister--Three said...

He's NO Hillary. lol

The 4th Sister said...

Can you even flippin believe this....This man needs to just stay away from water....remember the shot when he was running for Pres where he was on the water and zig zaging on a ski or something and the headline was about him going back and forth on issues....Now that I have said that I will have to Google to see if I am correct...if it was really him...or just wait for Pat to tell me,,