Friday, August 16, 2013

new home for laying hens

I never got 10 cent of worth from the garden so today we put a pen for the hen in it maybe I will get some pleasuse out of watching them eat the grass.


Sister--Three said...

The last two days I have put Spud in a chain link pen and let my chickens out. I was only getting an egg or two a day and today I got six eggs.

they go all through the garden but don't hurt anything. I guess they eat bugs. My tomatoes are tied up and they can't really get at them. I love to watch the chickens. Sigrid came this morning and stayed until noon as Laura is working at St. Mary's Hospital this week doing their Speech Therapy as that lady had surgery or is on vacation or something.

I asked have breakfast to which she said no. I had frosted flakes or raisin bran. she wanted f flakes. She took the bowl outside and pretty soon came back for another one saying she did not want milk. Quickly second bowl was eaten. She came back for a THIRD bowl. I told her the chickens really like F. flakes don't they, Siggie? To which she said yes. No more cereal from Gigi!

Donna said...

Chickens are so happy when they can roam free. My chickens don't hurt the bigger plants, but they will pull up the seedlings, so right now I am keeping them in their house. I love watching them in the evenings when I turn them out. It's relaxing.