Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Happy Birthday, Clayton

Today is Clayton's birthday. He is 6 years younger than I am. 69 years and counting.
Daddy was in the service when clayton was born. The whole point in his birth was to get dad out of the war if you had 3 children you could get out but by the time he was born the war was just about over. Since he didn't serve his purpose I have always thought we should have sent him back C O D!
We  went to stay with grandpa Powell shortly before his birth and that meant I would start to school at Sunny Lane.
I didn't have a clue as to the new baby on the way. We slept in the middle bed room with mama and one night grandma woke us  up to go back to be in the back bed room. She said you sleep here and aunt Betty will come home to sleep with you, I don't remember Aunt Betty being at grandpas during that time at all.
The next thing I knew we were dragged out of bed again to see a new  baby. doctor McCurry was there and  he had a wash pan with a lot of blood and guts in it he was stirring it around and said well, I think that is all of it.  the doctor still delivered babies at home but someone had to go get him and take him home. I suppose that was grandpa's job.
I my life changed that day because from then on if I wanted to go play I had to slip away or I had to carry a baby on my hip. I told clayton that was why I was lop sided from carrying him around. I can still here mama calling "Patsy take the baby."
I don't think  mama took care of any of her babies. It was my job until I left home then the job fell to Fleta.  I don't know who took care of me, wait I do too know, Daddy did.
Happy birth day , Clayton! just think of all the people in that room that night, you and I are the only ones left alive.


Sister--Three said...

I helped take care of Gilbert a lot. Glad we helped with each other's raising. The closest thing we have to ourselves is a full sibling. We are lucky.

Donna said...

I love stories like this.