Saturday, October 05, 2013

a few photos

I told someone that this is a Powell reunion and someone said it was a Powell/ Rudd reunion. I thought it was just Powell's!


Sister--Three said...

Well, just a little Rudd but mostly Powell! lol

Love the pictures.

Donna said...

Great pictures. One time Cliff's aunt, now deceased, called to tell us there was going to be a Wood reunion. Cliff needed to mow hay, but we went. The only Woods there were that aunt and her daughter, me and Cliff, and Cliff's sister and her husband. Finally I noticed people were signing their names on a book as they entered, and I went to look at the book: It said, "The Hicks reunion". I went back to our little group and said, "This is the Hicks reunion." Cliff's cousin, the aunt's daughter, said, "My God, Mom! This is the Hicks reunion!" The aunt answered, "It's the HICKS and WOOD reunion."
Now, that's a hard head. Typical of the Wood family.