Friday, October 04, 2013

the old house

Richard was born in this house and I live here until we moved to Denver when daddy went into the service.
Helen said Barbara Powell told her that Daisy Powell called her all the time wanting Barbara to go with her to the bar. Barbara wouldn't go she ask Daisy what  would people think if they saw me going into a bar?
I have never had Daisy ask me to go with her to a bar. I think some man has told Daisy to bring her up there. He probably wants to court Richard's widow knowing she has a lot of money
I going to the reunion at Alpena tomorrow..


Sister--Three said...

Is this where Richard and Betty Powell lived?

Sister--Three said...

Daisy knows there is no chance of getting you to go to a bar. I could not even get you to go to a restaurant. Jim's drive in and sit the the car is all you would do. See you tomorrow. Erin said she would make a cake for me to bring. I whined. and it workded. Hope she does not read this. She said pumpkin cake? Never heard of it but all her cakes are really good.