Tuesday, November 12, 2013

strange but true

I have been checking the news and there are some crazies on the lose. First there is this guy in N. D. who is trying to start his all white town.
The white supremacist attempting to turn a small North Dakotan town into a ‘white enclave’ has undergone a DNA test which proves he is of Sub-Saharan African heritage,
Craig Cobb, 62, submitted to the test as part of The Trisha Show’s ongoing Race in America series and was given the results of the DNA Diagnostics test by the host, Trisha Goddard, to the whoops of her studio audience.
On hearing the results Cobb, who insists he is not a white supremacist but a Creator, a religion which favours ‘racial awareness’, immediately dismissed the news that genetically he is 14 per cent Sub Saharan African, 86 per cent European, as ‘statistical noise.’
Trisha Goddard said Craig, you have a little black in you! The audience laughed and clapped their hands.
Then there is this fellow who is suing his wife over their baby who he says is UGLY. He is Chinese and his wife is from Korea and she admits to having plastic surgery to the tune of   90,000  dollars  before they met.
Now if you  want more there is the fellow that nailed his testacies to the red square in Russia!


Sister--Three said...

He could just move to Harrison.

The 4th Sister said...

You just can't fix stupid!