Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Bertha the goat

these are Fleta's goats. I bought 5 nanny goats and gave them to her.2 has died while trying to give birth that leaves 3 one of which has never gave birth.
one has had one live birth . she produced 2 kids. one was a nanny and one was a billy then there is Birtha she has produced 5 goats.the first was a nanny and a billy. the black billy was kept for the heard billy.
I spoke to Fleta last night , she had been busy Birtha was in heat again and George had fixed the black billy so he could not be a daddy tho'he doesn't know it. Black billy was fighting the real billy away from Birtha so he couldn't get to Birtha.
The point to this long tale is I might have just bought Bertha and left the rest at the sale ring.
I made pumpkin pies yesterday and fried pork stakes.
Erin's little baby girl had surgery yesterday. I hope she is ok this morning.
I guess Betty went up and stayed with clayton while Erin was in the hospital with Gretta. I bet ole Clayton got Betty lined out right fast.

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