Tuesday, December 31, 2013

old barns and other things.

When we moved on the farm the barn was the best building on  the place.  Dad milked cows on the upper side and the lower side just had a roof  for the cattle and horses to take shelter from the rain and snow.There was a lot board fence around it for the live stock to wait their turn milking. Clayton was going in the barn and eating bran so much it gave him the runs so daddy locked him out by shutting the lot gate. he tried to crawl under and got stuck. he was yelling bloody murder  when dad got the gate off him. we never had enough to eat in those years.    I know the younger children find that had to believe but it is true. Oat meal or corn meal mush for breakfast, beans and corn  bread or bisques for dinner and corn bread  and milk for supper ' just barley enough to go around.
we always had   a team of horses or mules to pull  the wagon and a saddle horse for dad. He went many a time to Carrollton to by our food on horse back.
dad milked 7 or 8 cows and we sold the milk in cream cans once a day a truck would pick the milk up.
One time grandpa Powell caught the truck diver stopping below his house and skimming off a container full and putting this in his cans. milk was graded by butter fat and the cream rose to the top. His milk was really rich. Grandpa put him out of a job real
One of Dillard's cousins hauled milk for dad when the girls were small. He was Leonard  Atchison's  son. this is Leonard on the horse.


Sister--Three said...

So long ago. Like Clayton I ate the cow feed. I loved the cotton seed meal...must have been something in it I needed. Love the story.

The 4th Sister said...

I loved playing in that barn...