Monday, December 09, 2013

doom and gloom

when the weather was bad dad would walk
the floor and wring his hands and say we are all going to die if the sun doesn't shine I would laugh at him behind his back now that I am old I do the same.
I was talking to Kelly yesterday and I said I can't stand this weather , son laughed because he knows I never go out side. I told him I know why you laugh but I still can't stand much more of this stuff.
I know Fleta is going crazy cooped up in the house with 2 kids.
she said if they worked to day she was going in. I guess George better get his coat on he will have to take her.
Sammy is getting up so maybe the stock will get fed soon.
at least it is Monday so I can watch my soap opera, days of our lives. Perhaps Sammy has killed some one else. Sammy got me hooked on this opera when he moved home. The days of our lives.
On the show there is this blonde young woman and I swear she has killed more people than most cereal killers. This is Sammy either she has killed some one or is about to.
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Sister--Three said...

Come on sun...shine
So I can warm my behind
And see beyond the hill
Gloom I've had my fill.

Favorite Daughter said...

Still gloom and doom...LOL helen