Saturday, January 11, 2014

54 years ago I was in hospital!

I baked two loaves of bread last night before going to bed when I got up Sammy had eat half of one. It is now 3 O'clock and all we have left is 1/2 loaf.
The sun is shining today but Sam says it is cold out side due to the cold wind blowing.
Kelly came buy and got a rack of ribs Sam had for him I guess they are going to have a dinner tomorrow for the birthday boy.
Kelly  invited me but I said I wasn't able, he said why? I said I had you didn't I? He was going around
moaning and groaning and I gave birth to him!


Donna said...

That's the reason I no longer make bread. If I make two loaves, it's gone in 24 hours. We can't have that much bread, it will kill us. But I sure wish I could eat anything I want.

Sister--Three said...

I bet the bread was good. i agree with Sammy about today..was still cold to me.