Tuesday, January 14, 2014

nice warm morning

46 degrees this morning at 7:30in the am. feeling like spring.
January is 1/2 gone. I am always glad to see the last of this month.
I had a thought yesterday that I want to share, I have seen a lot on TV and the net in the last few months about aliens and how they may come to earth in the fetcher and we must be ready.
I have read in the Bible where Christ will return to earth and how the world powers will fight him.
I can see it now the world powers declaring war on this alien that has appeared in the air over the middle east and how he and all his followers are dressed in white.

I see that the Spanish version of Obama health care sign up is a mess just like the English version was when it was rolled out. Amazing that people in the know couldn't find some one to put up a paper in Spanish surely we have at least one person in this country that can read English and translate that into Spanish. dumb and dumber !

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The 4th Sister said...

I love when you post news items and comment on them...as if we did not have your point of view....now we know it for sure..