Monday, January 27, 2014


I want to turn my pigeons out, I am tired of going out and feeding them plus they have their dropping all over the one corner of the porch. I know it is too soon but I want to do it. I have one female and two males. The grey and green one is female and the two browns  are males. I have read on the net as how to tell the sex. The female is smaller and the one male has claimed her and keeps himself between her  and the other bird.
The neighbor down the hill has some pigeons flying around here and they eat any chicken feed that gets dropped on the ground, I hope one will mate with my extra male and they will stay here. I hope they don't take off home with the neighbors bunch . Of course they probably will go to his roost.

I had a hard night, I have congestion in my chest that is causing me to breath hard.

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Sister--Three said...

Hope you breathe better today. Wish it would warm up and you could sit in the sunshine and warm your shoulders.