Thursday, February 20, 2014

water fire ice

We live  in a strange world. A house caught fire and burned to the ground across the the road from us, I figured that my sons would hear and call to check on us. The phone rang ,and I suppose one of my sons or sister Fleta  was checking on me.
NOT SO! MY SISTER , Helen who is  the state Washington   was calling to check  on  me!seem  she saw on face book we had a fire and wanted to  check on me .Sandy  Powell posted  that we had a fire and she said it was on the hill where all the trailers are.. naturally Helen though it was us.
Soooooo if you read on the net there is a fire don"t give up there is aways next tmel

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Sister--Three said...

Glad you are ok and Helen is watching from afar!! Boys are sleeping late or working.