Monday, March 24, 2014

I bought

 yesterday I tried and tried to open my new camera to replace the batteries the batteries were run down and I needed new ones to take photos. I could not get the place open where the batteries were located no matter how tried. This morning I picked the camera up and opened where the batteries. Sometime I just go brain dead. I bought movies because I think Fleta needs rest and if they are watching movies she can relax and let them watch the movies. I had no idea as what to buy in movies , a clerk came up and showed me what a should get so if kids don't like the movies it is the clerks fault  not mine.
 I spent 501.00 dollars. Sammy was picking groceries and so was I.  I don't go to wal-marts but once  every 6  months , it is a good thing I don't. I bought fishing gear and a new vaccum cleaner. I heard Sam on the phone and he was telling Kelly how many new fishing gear he had. He didn't tell brother who paid for the fishing.stuff I suppose he forgot  


Sister--Three said...

Patsy it is all nice. Tell Sam that gear is his birthday present. I am glad you had enough strength to go to Walmart and shop!

Sister--Three said...

I was is a good thing you don't go to walmart once a week as you would be broke!

The 4th Sister said...

Hurrah a trip to Walmart!