Thursday, March 13, 2014

strange but true

To start the day…well my day as, a few medical oddities: You are born with more bones than you have now. Many of the 350 individual bones that you are born with fuse over time leaving you with the 206 that you have as an adult. If laid end to end, and including all the little capillaries, the blood vessels in your body would extend to over 75,000 miles. Your small intestine is far longer than your large intestine, though it is narrower. The surface area of the small intestine is about the same size as a tennis court…good job it has all those tiny folds inside it or getting clothes to fit would be an issue! An average heart will beat over 2 billion times in a 70 year lifespan. Although it contains no bone the condition fractured penis does exist. A severe bend applied to an erect penis can tear a membrane called the tunica albuginea. there is usually a popping sound, severe pain and later swelling and bruising. The longest case of hiccoughs lasted 68 years. Charles Osborne (1894-1991) of Anthon, Iowa, the US, started hiccupping in 1922 while attempting to weigh a hog before slaughtering it. He was unable to find a cure, and continued hiccupping until February 1990, a total of 68 years. - See more at:

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Sister--Three said...

At 75 you are still learning. I knew most of that stuff about the digestive system and bones because of my degrees but ...really I had forgot a lot of it. The tennis court item I have used on tests.

Wonder what you can learn in year 76! You already know the constitution is not 400 years old. I thought year 1776 was burned in every American's brain. But not so.