Tuesday, April 15, 2014

red moon

I was awake at 2 when the red moon was going on having had to go pee but I went back to bed after thinking I would have to go out on the back to the back porch to see it and all the sooth-Sayers  were saying Israel was the center of any great happening due to the red moon. I was also very sleepy and figured  I could see it on my computer this morning and I did, here it is.

I do think that Israel is the place to watch for Bible prophecy   happening but I don't think  it will show up over night or that we will be able to see it over night. The way to see Bible fulfillment of prophecy  is to study the Bible and be willing to recognize it when you do see it.
I will say the thing to watch for in Israel is  the building of the temple on temple mount but first to look for the the the destruction of the dome of the rock. I read yesterday there was a crack in the base of the dome of the rock.


Sister--Three said...

I wanted to see it but got tired and went to bed.

Donna said...

I got up to pee, stepped outside and looked, said, "Good work, God", and went back to bed.