Saturday, April 26, 2014

Fleta said she couldn't remember  Gary's wife's daughter name on her blog. It is worse than she told.. She came by here to get some pork on her way home after the baby shower and WE, Fleta and me couldn't remember Gary's wife name. I don't know how Fleta remembered but she got it maybe she called Barbara and ask her because I still hadn't remembered her name until  I saw it on Fleta's blog. 
Her name is RUTHIE, I have know her longer than Fleta or Gary has  and I could not come up with a name! 
Look at all that blond hair. Ruthie has had an unusual life. She and her sister's father and mother divorced when the girls were very young before school age if  I remember right. Her father had  custody of the   girls and he married again shortly after the divorce. The father and his 2nd wife divorced  and the step mother kept the Ruthie and her sister  and raised them.
I have a freezer full of pork if anyone would want some come by and see me.


Sister--Three said...

I tried to look on ancestry about Grandpa's war record. All I could find was his draft enrollment. I know he was in France. I had a little pack of photos he had from there. I think Erin has them.

Ruthie and Gary seem like a very happy couple. I want to make Amanda's little girl a crocheted blanket. I will go Monday to Walmart to get the yarn.

You have a birthday just around the corner.

Your song this year is 76 trombones in the big parade.

The 4th Sister said...

I will be there in a week...