Monday, April 14, 2014

hammered rabbits and war

I remember dad growing a whole tomato field of tomatoes. Mama help him planting tomatoes. dad put me and Richard in the wagon bed  and that kept us out of trouble. Dad found some baby rabbits and he gave us two to play with. I started screaming and dad called to me to find " what is wrong, Pat?" I answered, Richard hammered my rabbit!
Years later mama told me the crop failed and dad went to California to work in the war plants. He came home because he was home sick and they drafted him into the army. He jumped the gun on them and joined the navy. he had the idea that if he went in the army he would have to walk all over Europe, instead he rode a ship to a Island in the pacific and Iwo Jima was his home for the rest of the war.

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Sister--Three said...

I think lots of folks raised tomatoes for the canning factories.?