Saturday, April 19, 2014


This is Hannah, Fleta's granddaughter. She gives me a lot of laughter.  I read the blog then I call Fleta to get the rest of the story.

She Has a seed in this dish. A school progeny  no doubt. Grandma says she gives the seed a lot of attention. She waters the seed and carries it around and to top the story off Fleta said she had her fingers in the dirt stirring it around when Fleta ask Why ?she said she was looking for the seed.
this is the dress I bought her 
for Easter. Isn't she beautiful?
. Fleta is coming by here on her way back from taking the kids to Oak Grove. I think they have a big Easter egg hunt at the park or the baseball field at Oak Grove .
Fleta brought me home from the hospital  a while back and I was complaining about living so many years (76)
Fleta said she hoped she lived until she was 76 when I ask WHY ???she said little Hannah would be 16 when  she was 76. OH MY!


Winnie Sneed said...

Her stories and pictures sure give me joy also...thanks to you and Fletafor sharing!

The 4th Sister said...

thats a good reason to want to live...none of the rest of us have that much to live for!

Donna said...

Children bring so much joy to our lives! That baby we watch four days a week has given us more to smile about than anybody or anything for a long time.