Monday, April 21, 2014

Jersey bulls
Daddy and grandpa Powell owned high breed  Jersey bulls at one time.The county brought them in to this country. they were owned by the Curtis candy company. The bulls were not here long. Grandpa's got Floyd penned in the barn lot and would have killed him if not for the  ring in his nose which Floyd was able to hold on too and keep him off of him.
I don't remember any thing happening concerning  our bull but I do remember  me and Richard couldn't go
into the pasture when he was around. the only other thing I remember is we had a jersey bull calf which daddy intended to keep for a bull and he died with the scours. just goes to show that a person.s  plans can be stopped by a belly  ache.
Fleta claimed the  calf and called him John bull. I remember she crawled on the bed when Betty  was born and said I will give you John bull.
I said that was the start and from then on Fleta always gave every thing to Betty.
I don't remember selling the jersey bull but I bet   dad sold him after the bull almost got Floyd. the cows were a big part of our lives growing up we had to bring them in from the field and we helped milk them.
I always liked cows. 


Sister--Three said...

Fleta had to milk in the morning and me at I was too lazy to get around and then get on the school bus.

I guess my first cattle was John Bull!

I remember we had a brown swiss that gave a lot of milk.

The 4th Sister said...

what was that brown swiss called...I want to say Brownie...but that does not sound correct...she was a big cow