Thursday, June 26, 2014


the calves were up for water and I got a photo of them. I plan on eating the jersey steer this coming winter.Kelly is going to take our pigs to be butchered in a few days that will fill the deep freeze. Kelly has another calf sam got at the sale. they call her a jersey but I don't think she is pure blood in fact I don't know what she is. I have seen one photo of her perhaps if could see her I would figure out what she was


Balisha said...

I can't imagine looking out the window at an animal and thinking that I will eat it this winter. I guess I don't associate wrapped meat at the store with the live animal. I'm not a country girl. I'm afraid I would want to keep them as pets and give them cute names....then be a vegetarian :)

Sister--Three said...

I love beef. Nothing better than a rib eye steak.