Tuesday, June 24, 2014

on and off the porch this morning

Sammy bought the roses at wal-mart and the other stuff I planted  in the tubs. I never saw any thing grow like the cucumbers plants have. I think I will have cucumber on the vines. Janet loved cucumbers if I had know they would grow like this I would have grown them on the porch for her once I picked a couple from the garden and brought them in, Janet said where did you get those? I told her from the garden. She took them to work and when ask where she got them she  said from my garden ! you understand she was saying her garden.
 see the guineas in the pen the other side of the pigeons.
the lettuce is good, when I eat a sandwich I pick and wash a few leaves to go on the sandwich

the two white pigeons came from Kelly's place by way of Judy's grandson.
this brown pigeon is the one that hatched this spring. The pigeons are laying in the thing Sammy made for them.  maybe I will have more babies this year.
The grandson said he would bring more for trade , I gave him a guinea for a Pigeon . he hasn't brought any more perhaps Kelly caught him!

I threw some onion seed in this pot along with the tomato plant.


Balisha said...

I love leaf lettuce from the garden. Do you ever have wilted lettuce salad?

The 4th Sister said...

Oh Patsy...I love the old wringer washer tub....the roses are pretty...I just do not have a green thumb....but boy can I clean....and eat..,..

Sister--Three said...

Gosh you DO have a green thumb. The lettuce looks so good. Bacon grease hot poured over lettuce and onions is Larry's favorite thing.