Thursday, July 24, 2014

another dog story

HOUSTON -- If dogs could talk, the Maltese named Reese would have a heck of a tale to tell.
"He's a sweet natured dog," said Dinah Miller, Reese's owner. "Someone let him out of the house. Never saw him again. Reese was gone."
You see Reese went missing in Dallas seven years ago. For months, the Miller family searched just hoping to find their missing dog.
"We drove, we searched," said Miller. "We walked, we looked over fences, we peeped everywhere we could without getting shot."
This weekend, more than seven years later, the unthinkable happened. Someone found Reese on the side of a busy road, in Tacoma, Washington, more than 1,800 miles from home.
"We don't know how he got there or his story of his travels there," said Tisha Reed, Miller's daughter.
Thanks to a microchip, vets in Tacoma found Reese's owners here in Texas.
"We cannot believe it, we just can't believe it," said Miller

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