Wednesday, July 30, 2014


The older brother of actor Richard Belzer jumped to his death from the roof of his 16-floor Upper West Side apartment building on Wednesday, law enforcement sources said.
Leonard Belzer, 73, had been married to award-winning “Sesame Street” director Emily Squires until she passed away in November 2012.
Multiple suicide notes were found in Belzer’s apartment, law enforcement sources said, though it was not immediately clear what they said or to whom they were addressed.
Belzer, who lived on the 11th floor, jumped at 6:55 a.m. from high atop the West 94th Street building. Belzer’s dad committed suicide in 1968.
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Leonard Belzer was the older brother of “Law & Order: SVU” actor Richard Belzer (above).Photo:
Neighbor Terry Caza said Belzer had always been in a good mood and loved talking about movies — until his wife Squires passed away. She was 71.
“After his wife died he was never quite the same. He never quite recovered,” said Caza,a 56-year-old actor. “He was still friendly after she passed, but he just seemed more subdued.”
Caza added: “He was obviously very affected by his wife’s death.”
I can't imagine killing one self by jumping off a building. How could you think that would be the way to go?
It was reported that Richard's mother beat them, it must have been bad because he was over 70 years old and still talking about her beatings.

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